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Jonathan Bertram – Founder, Videographer, Editor and Web

Email – jb@midwestballers.com

Twitter - @Midwest_Ballers

Instagram – Midwest_Baller

Zed Wiggins – Senior Marketing Director

Email – midwestballersevents@gmail.com

Twitter – @ ZED_MWB

Instagram – Zed_MWB

Reggie Rembert – Community Outreach Director

Email – midwestballers_rr@yahoo.com

Instagram - Midwestballers_rr

Craig Harden – Producer, Lead Reporter






  1. this is so hot. thanks jb for all your hard work and dedication. so these kids can see their fame and their hard work that they perform on the court. You are doing your God givin gift and that is to have someone like you in their life.

    love always,your brother

  2. I’m the prep basketball writer for brewcityball.com. If there’s any info on upcoming basketball tournaments in the area, let me know because I’d like to cover tournaments and the summer leagues in the Milwaukee area.

    Troy Sparks

  3. you should cover some bradley tech games when the city conference games come around after christmas break because my little brother is about to make himself know against all opponents. Kevin Speaks #40 6’3″ gaurd is coming to take over

  4. Jon, your website is awesome!

    I tried emailing you today, but it says your email quota has hit :) …Send me an email ASAP please!

    Keep up the great work!

  5. JB,

    Want to talk to you about possibly having your company film an exposure event my company (Hoop Mountain Midwest) is putting on. Tried to email you but your mailbox is full.

  6. check out Kettle Moraine’s Paul Miller –twitter handler @paulmiller_2

    6’3 PG , averaging about 17 pts and 7 Assists a game , season high 33 pts

  7. Hello, I am interested in your program, and what it might have to offer for my son Gus Dennis, Soph. at Notre Dame Academy, varsity basketball.
    Thank you.

    Bob Dennis
    920-217-4097 cell
    920-437-2147 home

  8. JB do you have a phone number that i can reach you at

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